Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Trilogy of Shades

A small stone rotunda encloses a mosaic floor and bare walls save for 3 tall throne like chairs. Carved from stone of the pillars supporting the roof, each chair is marked with the name of one of Three Sisters of the Shades. Deia, Erregina, and Ana. Three in the darkest self. The Shrine of the Three Sisters marks the entrance to the Necropolis of Dead Gods. If you dare descend the stairs to the necropolis, be warned to bring supplies for a minimum of 6 days. It is a 3 day trip to the bottom of the stair and the entrance hall. The stairway is no wider than man's arm span.
After the first hour of descent, the darkness is all encompassing. The silence shrouds everything past day 2. While not complete all noise is muffled and the senses slightly dulled.
At the bottom of the Endless Stair, the dark, cavernous halls stretch into the darkness. No living entity has seen the halls in their entirety.
Scattered among the alcoves full of frescoes of forgotten divinity, are thousands of reliquaries. Testaments of faith from the archaic past.
Down, down, down to the lowest and oldest part of the necropolis, where the old terrors hunt the lost souls of another world. Thru the only human sized door in the depths. Lies the Reliquary of Hirashiz Liburtegia.. Little more than a shallow grotto. There are only three empty stone book stands. Each stand is marked with runes in the language of the ancient Oorn.
The first is the sigil of The Ezagutza Ezkutatua. The Morningstar Ledger. It is a whispered rumor. To some it brings great power, others find only ruin. Ignominious deeds both egregious and vile are recorded between it's covers. Every foul act on the pages share one quality that ensures it's value to the corrupt, they are all secrets. These secrets strike fear in to the hearts of the powerful. These are secrets the powerful do not want known, secrets they would kill to obtain... or protect.

The second is the sigil of The Zahaztutako Bidea. The Journey of the Endless. The legend surrounding this tome tells that should you scribe your true name in the book, you will live forever if not murdered by violence. Consider carefully before imbibing the heady tonic of immortality. For yes you will live forever but you will never know your fate. No Witch, no Seer will tell you where your path leads. Is eternal life worth not ever knowing when the fatal blow will come?

The third is the sigil of The Etorkizun Ezoguna. The Book of Fate. As the other volumes have been the source of plots and wars, the Book of Fate has not been seen in living memory. The oldest accounts allow that should you ask aloud of any one entity, the book will detail that life, from beginning to end. As with all gnosis it can only be discovered by respecting the obligations of Deia. The book will tell of a life only if started from the beginning, turning only one page at a time, until reaching it's end. The book will not tell of the manner of the end. Only the where and when.

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